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OpenSky Innoventure contributed Brand Communication consultancy for IIT Guwahati’s Semiconductor Horizon Workshop

Guwahati’s best PR and brand communication firm, OpenSky Innoventure has contributed Brand and Communication services for the recently held Semiconductor Horizons Workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati).
This event brought together industry leaders, scholars, and experts to explore the future of semiconductors and foster collaboration within this critical field. OpenSky Innoventure’s strategic brand communication consultancy played a key role in promoting the workshop and ensuring its success.

digital marketing

The workshop featured a keynote address by Dr. Charan Gurumurthy, Chief Executive of TATA Semiconductor Assembly & Test (TSAT). Dr. Gurumurthy’s insights on the latest trends, challenges, and strategic initiatives in semiconductor manufacturing provided valuable knowledge for attendees.

OpenSky Innoventure, the best PR Consultancy in Guwahati successfully executed communication strategy for Semiconductor Horizons Workshop further solidifies the position as a frontrunner in Guwahati’s PR and brand communication landscape. This collaboration demonstrates expertise in supporting prestigious institutions and complex industry events.

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