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Public Relation

Public Relations (PR) is a key service offered by OpenSky Innoventure, driving impactful brand narratives and fostering strong connections with audiences. Through strategic communication, OpenSky crafts compelling stories that resonate with stakeholders, amplifying brand visibility and credibility. Leveraging diverse platforms, from traditional media to digital channels, OpenSky orchestrates cohesive campaigns that engage, inform, and inspire. By nurturing positive relationships with media, influencers, and communities, Opensky enhances brand reputation and manages crises adeptly. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, Opensky’s PR initiatives drive brand loyalty, foster trust, and ultimately contribute to sustainable growth and success for clients.

Press release

A well-written press release disseminates key information to journalists and media outlets, generating coverage and increasing brand exposure. It’s a vital tool for announcing news, milestones, or initiatives to a wider audience.

Press conference

Press conferences provide a platform for organizations to address pressing issues, make significant announcements, and interact directly with the media. They facilitate transparency, control messaging, and shape public perception effectively.


Interviews serve as a potent PR tool by offering a platform for organizations to share insights, expertise, and accomplishments. Through well-crafted responses, they enhance brand credibility and visibility, fostering connections with target audiences.

Speaker Opportunities

Securing speaking engagements allows organizations to showcase thought leadership, engage with stakeholders directly, and amplify their message. Effective speakers can influence opinions, build trust, and establish themselves as industry authorities, enhancing the organization’s reputation.

Opinion Articles

Opinion articles enable organizations to share their perspective on relevant topics, positioning themselves as thought leaders within their industry. They offer a platform for expressing insights, influencing discourse, and shaping public opinion.

Perception Audit

Conducting perception audits helps organizations gauge public sentiment, identify strengths and weaknesses, and refine their PR strategies accordingly. It’s a crucial tool for understanding how the brand is perceived and crafting effective communication strategies.

Thought Leadership

Establishing thought leadership involves sharing valuable insights, innovative ideas, and expert opinions to shape industry conversations. It positions organizations as authorities in their field, fostering trust, credibility, and long-term relationships with stakeholders.

News letters

Newsletters serve as a direct communication channel to engage with audiences, share updates, and provide valuable content. They strengthen relationships, build brand loyalty, and keep stakeholders informed about the organization’s activities and achievements.

White papers

White papers offer in-depth analysis, research findings, and solutions to industry challenges, demonstrating expertise and thought leadership. They serve as authoritative resources, attracting attention, generating leads, and establishing credibility within the target audience.

Cricis Communication

Crisis communication is the strategic practice of managing and mitigating the impact of unexpected events or controversies on an organization’s reputation. It’s a vital tool in public relations, focusing on transparent, timely, and empathetic messaging to stakeholders. It aims to maintain trust and credibility amidst adversity, often employing various channels such as press releases, social media, and spokesperson interviews.

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